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    Magic Blue Smoke is a blog dedicated to discussing the challenges of low power ASIC Design

    I have worked in the VLSI industry for 14 years as a digital IC designer. My recent work has been focused on low-power challenges associated with multi-voltage/
    multi-supply designs. The goal of this blog is to open a free exchange of ideas with regards to low power. Please participate!

    - Godwin Maben

Multi-Voltage/Power Gated design and LVS

Posted by Godwin Maben on August 2nd, 2010


Some interesting observation while running LVS on a power gated or a MV design. Here is quick preview on the problem description



As shown in the picture above if LVS is run on a Verilog netlist generated without bulk pin connections, bulk connections may not be correct from electrical perspective.

More on how typically designers handle this in my next post.

One Response to “Multi-Voltage/Power Gated design and LVS”

  1. Pmem says:

    Is there any update available on this?