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SEMI Semiconductor Manufacturing Supply Chain Update

Posted by Hannah Conrad on April 29th, 2014

Guest: Karen Savala, President, SEMI Americas

Host: Karen Bartleson, Sr. Director, Corporate Programs and Initiatives, Synopsys Inc.

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For the past few years, the semiconductor manufacturing supply chain has been under tremendous pressure. Karen Savala, President of SEMI Americas, joins us to share some of the trends for the future and why the pressures may never let up.

Karen Savala: “We find that the semiconductor manufacturing industry is now tied more than ever to the national GDP . . . [and to] consumer electronics. . . . This whole trend towards consumers has really changed the supply chain dynamics and the way that customers are ordering supplies, products and materials. . . .The other trend is the diversification of the end product. . . .This complexity driven by the consumer is having a really big effect on the supply chain.”

During her show, Karen Savala talks about:

  • What manufacturers in the semiconductor supply chain have been doing to address the pressures
  • What SEMI members believe the trends are that create pressures in the manufacturing supply chain
  • Whether or not there are some links in the supply chain that are completely stable or could cause a catastrophic failure
  • What she believes the future hold for the semiconductor manufacturing supply chain
  • What the Internet of Things mean to SEMI and its members

Karen Bartleson and Karen Savala


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