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Give Me Vision!—Inspiring system designers to create products that can “see”

Posted by Hannah Conrad on 19th November 2012

Guest: Jeff Bier, Founder, Embedded Vision Alliance
Host: Yvette Huygen, Director, Worldwide Public Relations and Corporate Communications, Synopsys Inc.

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Today more than ever it’s possible to incorporate vision technology and capabilities into many different types of products to make them more intelligent and responsive. In this episode, Jeff Bier, founder of the Embedded Vision Alliance, shares inspiring examples of what your tablet, book or pen can see when you embed some vision – technology, that is.

“With humans, why did nature evolve vision? Vision is a really powerful sense. . . .We don’t tend to think about it much, but there is very little we do without using our vision. I would say similarly that our electronics today by largely don’t have vision and they are worse off for it, and we can improve them in dramatic ways by giving them vision.” ~Jeff Bier

During the show, Jeff discusses:

  • The Embedded Vision Alliance
  • The benefits of giving your electronics “eyes”
  • The Philips Vital Signs Camera app
  • How Popar Toys has brought children’s books to life using vision technology
  • The sophisticated computer vision of the Echo smartpen by Livescribe
  • How the Embedded Vision Alliance makes companies aware that it is becoming quite practical to incorporate computer technology into inexpensive, power sensitive and sized constrained products

Click on the video/podcast to be inspired!

Links of interest:

The Embedded Vision Alliance

Philips Vital Signs Camera app

Popar Toys Planets 3D book

Echo smartpen by Livescribe

Jeff demoing Philips Vital Signs Camera on Yvette

Jeff demos Popar Toy's Planets 3D book

Jeff demos Echo™ smartpen by Livescribe

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