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Embedded Design: Managing the Complexity

Posted by Hannah Conrad on 15th September 2011

Guest: Kumaran Santhanam, CEO of Total Phase

Host: Yvette Huygen, Director, Worldwide PR & Corporate Communications, Synopsys

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We were very excited to welcome Kumaran Santhanam into our studio for this episode of Conversation Central to talk about embedded design. Over ten years ago, Kumaran was an embedded systems consultant who designed systems for clients all the way from the low level to higher level types of software. During his time as a consultant, he saw a consistent lack of available tools for embedded engineers to help them complete their projects more quickly and efficiently. He saw this as an opportunity to start a company that developed these types of tools, and Total Phase was founded.

Now ten years since he founded Total Phase, Kumaran shared with us what he believes embedded engineers are looking for and what their biggest challenges are. He shares how embedded design has changed over the years and how all of the complexity has made embedded engineers think differently about their designs.

Kumaran also touched on USB 3.0, how IP plays a role in managing complexity, and what is done to try to improve communication between software and hardware engineers.

Lastly, Kumaran lists the trends in embedded design, what he sees happening as we move forward, and gives advice to embedded engineers on how to deal with the complexity of these trends.

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