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Breaking The Three Laws
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    Breaking the Three Laws is dedicated to discussing technically challenging ASIC prototyping problems and sharing solutions.
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    Michael (Mick) Posner joined Synopsys in 1994 and is currently Director of Product Marketing for Synopsys' DesignWare USB Solutions. Previously, he was the Director of Product Marketing for Physical (FPGA-based) Prototyping and has held various product marketing, technical marketing manager and application consultant positions at Synopsys. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering from the University of Brighton, England.

Call to Action: Wiki FPGA-Based Prototyping Page Needs Content!

Posted by Michael Posner on July 11th, 2013

While surfing the web I ran across the Wikipedia pages on FPGA-Based Prototyping, which they call FPGA Prototypes. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FPGA_prototype Unbiased content is much needed for this page. Synopsys recently made a couple of updates implementing some quick fixes but what it really needs is some real users to update the article.

I know there are many FPGA-Based Prototyping experts out there, put this talent to even more use and update the Wiki page. If you comment below and let me know you have updated the page I’ll be happy to send you one of my Subaru piston paper weights that for some strange reason no one has claimed yet.

Off subject (as usual) it’s been surprisingly warm here in Oregon. With the nice weather I moved the two bouldering walls that I built to the outer part of my patio. The kids love to climb around on them and having them next to the big planter boxes that I built make for additional climbing challenges.

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