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Breaking The Three Laws
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    Breaking the Three Laws is dedicated to discussing technically challenging ASIC prototyping problems and sharing solutions.
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    Michael (Mick) Posner joined Synopsys in 1994 and is currently Director of Product Marketing for Synopsys' DesignWare USB Solutions. Previously, he was the Director of Product Marketing for Physical (FPGA-based) Prototyping and has held various product marketing, technical marketing manager and application consultant positions at Synopsys. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering from the University of Brighton, England.

More on FPGA-Based Prototype Bussed Connections

Posted by Michael Posner on March 12th, 2013

One of my motto’s is “never let good whiteboard art go to waste” which prompted this blog posting. I should note that I am well known for my graphical skills, actually my lack of color matching skills has resulted in eyes burning and people running from my presentations screaming. (Honest, no joke!)

A couple of weeks back I posted how you created a bussed connection with the HAPS-70, http://blogs.synopsys.com/breakingthethreelaws/2013/02/direct-route-or-take-the-bus/ This method is very flexible as you can create a bussed chain to as many FPGA’s as you like and as wide as you like. I recently drew a representation of what this would look like across 12 FPGA’s or three HAPS-70 S48 systems. (Click pic to see full sized image)

This represents a bus of 48 bits as it’s utilizing one cable connection. To create a wider bus just replicate the connections across multiple HT3 connectors. See what I mean, super flexible. Also, this is one of my better whiteboard arts, I even cleaned off the whiteboard before I drew it.

Last week I also managed to upset Neil Songcuan, PMM for HAPS as I posted a link to Angela’s web seminar and not his. Neil presents a full introduction to the HAPS-70 solution covering the following topics. (Click pic to see full size image)

Neil’s web seminar recording can be found by following this link: https://event.on24.com/eventRegistration/prereg/register.jsp?eventid=557195&sessionid=1&key=8030E1505D0294AACFFB3843118D09E8&cmp=WEBR-fpga100203-HPW

Cheers !

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