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Analog Simulation Insights: Analog/Mixed-Signal Simulation and Verification Blog

DVCON 2014 – Panel on Mixed Signal Verification: what’s next ?

Posted by Hélène Thibiéroz on February 27th, 2014

For Mixed-Signal afficionados or wannabes attending DVCON, I will be moderating next Monday a panel session on Mixed-signal verification (not on French wine making yet, sorry :) ) . This event is sponsored by Accellera and more information can be found at:


As SoC designs evolve from a “chip design” to a “chip assembly” methodology, new constraints and verification needs are emerging, raising the necessity for an intelligent “mixed-signal verification”. I was fortunate to get experts in this area from various backgrounds and representing various industries to share their insights and debate about the future of mixed-signal verification and emerging trends.


Our panelists are:

Scott Little – Intel Corp.

Scott Morrison – Texas Instruments, Inc.

Neyaz Khan – Maxim Integrated

Martin O’Leary – Qualcomm, Inc.

Several topics would be discussed, from new behavioral modeling standards to Digital verification techniques applied to mixed-signal and Debugging/regression mixed-signal environment.

We certainly hope to see you there !

More information is also available at:


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